Monday, July 23, 2012

Cousin Party

This past weekend the fam and I went to a pool party that was also a birthday part for all 10 of the younger cousins in my Hubby's family.  Like an insane person, I decided I needed to make cards for them all (except for my kids, and my niece who I already made one for in May).  One of them was my Surf's Up card featured in a previous post.  Another will be coming at the end of August, as I made it in conjunction with a Corrosive Challenge that I don't want to give away yet.  These are the remaining ones I did, all for kids aged around 3-5 so I kept them pretty simple.  Definitely not my finest work I suppose but I was happy I did them,  and they seemed well received.

For Bubba, age 3

 For Nick, age 4

For Audrey, age 3?  (I start to lose track!)

 For Giulio, Age 5

It was a ton of fun seeing all the kids together, they had a blast.  My husband's family is very close, and they try to get together fairly often.  It's very nice, and I think the kids will all treasure the times together as they get older.
I'm far too lazy to post all the details!  But if anyone really needed to know something just ask :-)  I do know all the images were freebies I have collected at some point.
Hope every one's Monday is as good as a Monday can be!

Jazzy T


Loves Happy Hour said...

very ambitious of you! all came out great!! i wish i had this much motivation to do so much at once!


Regan said...

Oh my gosh! Someone has been busy! These are all awesome! You must be so proud of yourself and I know each and every card was loved and appreciated! Great job! :)