Sunday, June 17, 2012

Super Duper Father's Day Extravaganza

Holidays for me mean making LOTS of cards.  Father's Day is no exception.  I have my dad, a stepfather, a father-in-law, and my Grandfather to make cards for, as well as my husband (and my son informed me I need to make one for him too, because he is the father of his stuffed animals!  Too cute.)  I'm going to keep this relatively short and sweet, here are all the cards for all the dads:

For my step-dad:
Image was found doing a Google search for tennis player, and this one from illustrator Mark Kingsley Brown popped up.
For my father-in-law:
This sexy pirate also found doing Google search, ended up at Deviantart, then to this artist, I actually don't see her anymore, but she has some other fantastic images as well.
For my Grandfather:

Image from A Day for Daisies, available here Wild Bird.
This was my first easel card, and I was so happy how it came out, I will definitely be doing more of a matter of fact, I decided to change my dad's card into an easel style as well:
 Another Google search.  Grateful Guitar Player was the result!  Perfect for my guitar playing, hippie dad :-)

That's all for now, I hope all the dad's out there are having a fantastic day, it sure is a beautiful one here in MA.  Blue skies, sunshine, but not too hot.  Looking forward to a little grillin' for dinner  - yes, I am putting the hubby to work on Father's Day, terrible, aren't I?  He loves it though, beer in one hand, grillin' tool in the other, meat on fire, and he's a happy guy.  

Happy Sunday.

Jazzy T


Tonya said...

These are all wonderful. My husband would go crazy over the Grateful Guitar Player. Thanks for sharing.

Regan said...

WOW!!! They are all uniquely awesome!!! I'm glad you found a tennis player! Fabulous layouts, sentiments, and coloring on each of them! I'm sure all the dads in your life were very pleased to get their own special card that was hand-made with love! :)